DYS Samguk Series Shu 2306 2500kv Motor

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The Samguk Series was inspired by Chinese history. There were three strong kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu. Each kingdom in a desperate battle for power over each other. Represent your kingdom and battle it out on the race course!

You'll be amazed the quality and power these motors have for the price tag! 


  • KV: 2500
  • Configuration: NP
  • Stator Diameter: 23.0mm
  • Stator Length: 6.0mm
  • Shaft Diameter: M5
  • Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ28.5x17mm
  • Weight (g): 33.59g
  • No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-4S
  • Max Continuous current(A): 44.1A
  • Max Continuous Power(W): 705.6W
  • Internal resistance: 0.06Ω