How do I access the Subscriber Only Store?

To access the store:

1 - Sign into your account

2 - Be an active subscriber

3 - Shop away!


What payment options do I have?

We accept Paypal, and all major credit cards. Choose whichever is best for you!


When do the drops ship?

Orders placed before the 10th of the month will make the deadline. Orders will be shipped the week of the 15th and will arrive 7-10 days after. Didn't make the deadline? No worries! Pre-Order your box for next month!


Why have I been charged twice and have received no box?

Sometimes you will encounter a double charge, but it is no mistake! This might occur if you purchase a drop after the 15th. Since the recharge date is the 15th, and the shipping date is the 15th, you might see this occur.


Is there a deadline to buy drops?

Drops stop being for sale on the 10th of every month, or until they are sold out. When you subscribe, you will get the current months that is for sale as long as they are in stock. 


How do I make changes to my subscription?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click ‘Subscriptions’
  3. Click ‘Edit’
  4. From here you can Update your Information’
  5. ‘Save’ your update


Why can't I log into my account?

If you can't login to your account chances are you didn't make one. To do so, register for an account with the same email you used to checkout. Your email will sync automatically with your subscription.


Can I return my Drone Drop?

Each Drop is packaged by order, and we do not over order boxes. All sales are final, and at the time we currently can't offer returns. If your contents are damaged or faulty, we will do our best to fix it!